Why FMCG and Factory (D2C) need loyalty program

The more you know about your customers, the better chances are that they will return for another purchase. One way to get insights into their behaviors and preferences is by collecting data from them directly (1st Party Data). to analyze their purchasing behavior, which in turn gives insight into how they might be interested or capable of buying from your company again

This allows marketers like yourself access the information what were some reasons behind these purchases Knowing all of these details helps us create successful marketing strategies which increase sales while keeping consumers happy!

Common Challenges

  • Highly dependant on retailers

  • No engagement with end consumers

  • Consumer data either anonymous or scattered

  • Heavy invest in advertising

  • Lack of solutions and technology

What is important for your brand ?

  1. Knowing purchasing behavior : Collect customer data by yourself (1st Party Data) and store purchase behavior and to analyze purchasing behavior with each group of customers.

  2. Direct control on marketing campaign : Manage the marketing promotion for consumers directly and save cost

  3. Engage your direct consumers Stay in touch,communicate and engage your consumers directly

  4. Retain your direct consumers : Build and maintain your customers loyalty

  5. Save in advertising cost : New customers cost 7x more to acquire

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