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Thai food export poised for growth in 2021

Thailand is one of the largest net food exporting countries in the world and has long been called “the kitchen of the world” with its abundant natural resources, highly-skilled workforce, and strength in research.

Thai food

Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) anticipated to witness Thailand's food export growth this year, driven largely by many factors including Thailand's strict safety measures which Thai food exporters fully cooperate with. Along with the supervisory measures, DITP has also launched "Thailand Delivers with Safety" campaign to boost confidence for Thai food product importing countries.

The overall export value for Thai food products from January to February 2021 was 164,146 million baht. The top 5 agricultural product exports were 1. Cassava 2. Rice 3. Fresh, chilled, frozen and dried fruit 4. Processed chicken 5. Fresh, cold and frozen chicken while the top 5 agro-industrial product exports led by 1. Canned and processed seafood. 2. Wheat and other processed food 3. Pet food 4. Drink 5. Canned and processed fruits.

As for this year projection from DITP, Thai food product exports are speculated to grow 7.1 per cent, fetching 1,050,000 million baht, mainly driven by the surging demand for products in the global market with economic prospects following the COVID-19 rollout in many countries. Also, the rising prices of agricultural and food products, especially chicken products, sugar, cassava and pineapple products, complemented with the compliance of COVID-19 Prevention Measure in food export would contribute to this anticipated growth.

Source : DIPT/RYT9

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