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Edible flower.New wave on the dish

The edible flowers market is becoming a trendy and growing market. The number of suppliers of edible flowers are increasing around the world.

Edible flower

The term “edible flowers” refers to flowers that are safe for humans to consume. In recent years, edible flowers have become increasingly popular as both a decorative and flavoring agent in food and drink.It used in cocktails, salads, desserts and a variety of other dishes because of their visual appeal and strong aromatic flavors and also used in food photography too.

From the home cook to Michelin starred restaurants, edible flowers can be seen plated in an ever increasing number of dishes. This trend is driven in part by the rising awareness of the color and health benefits offered by edible flowers. In addition to their decorative value, edible flowers also offer a range of medicinal benefits. As a result, the use of edible flowers is on the rise.

Although edible flowers are trendy, the information available on production, export and import of edible flowers is still scarce. Most of the information is given by producers and points of sale, and it is hard to find statistical data. In addition, critics say that there is no concrete evidence that edible flowers have any nutritional value. Nevertheless, the demand for edible flowers continues to grow. Many restaurants use them as decorative toppings on salads or desserts, and they are also becoming popular as wedding cake decorations. If the trend continues, edible flower production will need to increase in order to meet demand.

Edible flowers are enjoyed by people all over the world. edible flowers are becoming increasingly popular .It has become a choice on plath decoration etc .It is no wonder that the edible flower market is poised for continued growth.

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