Conveyor-belt serving service

In the business world, new ideas are always welcomed with open arms. Inventory must be slowly pushed in order to make room for new products, and what's more fascinating to potential customers than something they've never seen before? This is where creativity and innovation come into play; if you can market your new product in an interesting enough way, you're sure to pull in some extra profits.

That's where the story of conveyor-belt sushi comes in. What was once an innovative idea born out of a need for speed and efficiency has now become a worldwide dining phenomenon, thanks in part to its inclusive design and reasonable cost. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or a conveyor-belt novice, there's something for everyone at a kaiten-sushi restaurant. So next time you're looking for a quick, cheap meal that's also fun and delicious

The Kaitenzushi, also known as conveyor belt sushi or sushi train, is a convenient and affordable type of sushi restaurant that is characterized by the conveyor belt that runs through it. Diners are able to take whatever they want with the plates of sushi that are carried by the conveyor belt. The concept was first introduced in Japan in the 1950s as a way to streamline inventory and reduce waste. The idea quickly caught on, and soon there were conveyor belt sushi restaurants all over Japan. The popularity of the Kaitenzushi eventually spread to other countries, and today it is a common sight in cities around the world. Thanks to its affordability and convenience, Kaitenzushi has become one of the most popular types of sushi restaurants.

Market Opportunity for restaurants. The idea of Sin City's first conveyor-belt sushi restaurant was born out of a desire to fill a void in the Las Vegas culinary scene. At the time, there were no other kaiten-sushi restaurants in the city, and the founders saw an opportunity to provide a new and unique dining experience for visitors and locals alike. Today, there are six kaiten-sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. While some may view conveyor-belt sushi as a simple or even lowbrow dining option, the popularity of these restaurants speaks to the growing demand for quick, healthy, and affordable meals that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In a city known for its indulgent dining options, kaiten-sushi is a refreshing change of pace that is sure to continue growing in popularity.

Including Thailand,There are some restaurants that see this idea serving and adapt its suit with their business. For example Kha-nom-jeen ‘s Thai local food serves side dish vegetables on conveyor-belt and of course it has very good feedback from customers.


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